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We want to offer quality products to our customers, and another great line of products that we are proud to offer as a local retail outlet in Central Wisconsin is Cen- Pe-Co Lubricants. 

We are able to get everything from engine oil, grease, gear oils and diesel fuel additives. 

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Central Petroleum Company (CEN-PE-CO) is one of the oldest and largest independent oil compounders in the United States. This means we blend our own oil. We have the ability to obtain the highest-quality ingredients (components) available, blend them together and market them under our exclusive Cen-Pe-Co brand name. Cen-Pe-Co has been in business since 1911, marketing products directly to the heavy-duty equipment user.


- Engine, hydraulic and transmission oils
- Greases
- Gear lubricants
 - Industrial oils (compressor, hydraulic, gear, etc.)
- Fuel additives (diesel and gasoline)
- Other lubricants (chain oil, penetrating oil, etc.)


Information on various products available on lubes, fuel additives located in Auburndale