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Diesel Deere

This is where we started our roots in this business

Oil and Fuel testing

We use a certified independent Lab for all testing. This is an add-on service, we don't make any SIGNIFICANT sum of money offering these services. We do this to help our customers

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Small  family owned business auto parts store located near Marshfield where all our customers are treated like family and friends.

We will work hard for our customers


We will go above and beyond to get you parts and products that meet and exceed your needs

Community oriented


Loyalty to our customers and our community 

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. We recommend that you call beforehand in case we are on deliveries etc. 

BAR-M Performance

5689 Elm Road Auburndale, WI 54412

(715)502-2218 email:


Best to call ahead, as we are family owned  and operated business and we may be not always at the retail  store. We do try to respond to all calls quickly. 

Cen-Pe-Co Retailer for Central Wisconsin

Will my oil pressure or idle RPM change when change oils?

They might not always. Synthetic motor oils reduce friction better than conventional oils and thus

 What is synthetic motor oil? AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are chemically engineered to form pure lubricants. They contain no contaminants or molecules that don’t serve a designed purpose. Their versatility and pure, uniform molecular structures impart properties that provide better friction-reduction, optimum fuel efficiency, maximum film strength and extreme-temperature performance conventional lubricants just can’t touch.

Conventional lubricants, on the other hand, are refined from crude oil. Contaminating elements such as sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal components such as nickel or vanadium are inherent to crude oil and cannot be completely removed through the refining process. The oil refining process separates the various types of molecules in the oil by weight, leaving molecules similar in weight but dissimilar in structure, reducing performance.

Central Petroleum Company (CEN-PE-CO) is one of the oldest and largest independent oil compounders in the United States. This means we blend our own oil. We have the ability to obtain the highest-quality ingredients (components) available, blend them together and market them under our exclusive Cen-Pe-Co brand name. Cen-Pe-Co has been in business since 1911, marketing products directly to the heavy-duty equipment user.


- Engine, hydraulic and transmission oils
- Greases
- Gear lubricants
 - Industrial oils (compressor, hydraulic, gear, etc.)
- Fuel additives (diesel and gasoline)
- Other lubricants (chain oil, penetrating oil, etc.)

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Have you ever wondered if certain oils are better than others? There is so many oils on the market and many claim to be the best but how can you really tell? And how many of these salesman really know the products they sell or have technical staff to ask questions for special applications. We do at BAR-M Performance as we use the products we sell .

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Welcome to our updated website, we are making some changes to adapt to our customers needs and wants. 

We are striving to provide quality products and service to all our customers. 

We may not  have everything you can find at your local big box auto parts store.

 But we can certainly get many things they stock and much more. We also can get products for tractors, farm equipment and small engines this where we hope to fill in a vital gap in Central Wisconsin. 

We offer quality lubricrants such as Amsoil,Cen-pe-co, Justice Brothers, Torco, Motul and we offer farm equipment, tractor parts through A and I and Sunbelt along with FASS fuel pumps, EDGE programmers and Autometer  

Beaver Hunter Light Pro Stock

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